Welcome to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services (FOMS III) Contract Application website

We are excited to be supporting NASA Goddard Space Flight Center under the FOMS III contract. The important work of maintaining GSFC facilities and infrastructure, and providing 24/7 support to critical systems is what this contract is all about. If you want to be a part of this innovative team, we are looking for you!

Transition Timeline

Check in frequently to this web site for new or updated information.

Meanwhile, some important dates are as follows:

    • Town Hall
      • Date: March 15, 2018
      • Time: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
      • Place: GSFC Building #3, Goett Auditorium
    • Deadline for submitting job applications
      • COB March 20, 2017

      ASO Positions

      JACOBS/CH2M Positions

      Click here to apply for a position with ASO

      • Administrative Assistant
      • Asset Coordinator
      • Business Manager
      • Supervisory Planner
      • Civil Planner
      • Electrical Planner
      • Engineering Technician, GIS/CAD
      • Mechanical Planner
      • Structural Planner
      • Estimator
      • Facilities and Infrastructure Manager
      • Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator
      • Health, Safety & Environmental Manager
      • HVAC Control Technician
      • HVAC Control Technician – MS
      • HVAC Control Technician Lead
      • HVAC PM Apprentice
      • HVAC PM Mechanic
      • Machinery Mechanic
      • Maintenance Carpenter
      • Maintenance Insulator
      • Maintenance Machinist
      • Maintenance Painter
      • Maintenance Pipefitter
      • Maintenance Plumber
      • Maintenance Plumber Lead
      • Maintenance Scheduler
      • Material Planner
      • Mechanical Engineer
      • Mechanical Section Supervisor
      • Mission Operations Manager
      • Operations Manager
      • Program Manager
      • Project Controls Analyst
      • Project Manager
      • Quality Control Coordinator
      • Quality Control Manager
      • Refrigeration Mechanic
      • Service Order Dispatcher
      • Sheet Metal Mechanic
      • Stationary Engineer (FOC)
      • Stationary Engineer, Lead (FOC)
      • Structures Section Supervisor
      • Underground Utility Mechanic
      • Production Control Supervisor
      Click here to download the application form for a position with JACOBS/CH2M

      Note: Please deliver completed applications to Jacobs/Ch2M Human Resources located in the designated conference room on Monday, March 19 thru Tuesday March 20 between the hours of 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

      • Electrical Section Supervisor
      • High Voltage Electrician
      • Maintenance Electrician
      • Maintenance Electrician, Apprentice
      • Fire Protection Sys Mechanic
      • Fire Extinguisher Inspector
      • System Mechanic
      • Machinery Mechanic (Mechanical Section)
      • HVAC Control Tech(Mechanical Section
      • MD First Class Engineer (Central Power Plant)
      • Stationary Engineer (Central Power Plant)
      • Machinery Mechanic (Central Power Plant)
      • Engineering Services Manager
      • RCM Engineer
      • RCM Coordinator


      If you have any questions or would like assistance with applying, please send an email to: Careers@akimasupportops.com