Welcome to the Akima Support Operations, LLC (ASO) NIH Janitorial Services web site!

Who is ASO?

ASO is an 8(a) prime contractor with federal performance-based contract experience providing program management, facility management and maintenance, records management, logistics, and transportation services. Our parent company Akima LLC is headquartered only a short distance away from NIH in Herndon, VA.

Town Hall Meeting

To allow current employees to meet our senior management team and to learn more about our company and the transition, we invite you to attend our voluntary Town Hall Meeting. This events will occur after normal operating hours to allow everyone an opportunity to attend. The meeting will occur on Oct 12th from 3:00-4:30pm at Bldg. 45, Balconies A and B. We hope you will come see us.

Transition Timeline

This phase of the transition began October 1st, 2016 and ends at midnight on October 31, 2016. During that time, there will be a flurry of activity such as interviewing, hiring and in-processing employees; recruiting additional employees; conducting joint inventories of Government property; setting up computer systems; developing SOPs, plans, forms and deliverables; and much, much more! ASO will make every effort to keep you informed as we move through this transition. Check in frequently to this web site for new or updated information.
Meanwhile, some important timelines and dates are as follows:

  • Oct 13 – Deadline for submitting job applications on ASO web site
  • Oct 20 & 21 – Interviewing and on-boarding sessions (1:00-3:00 and 3:00-5:00)
  • Oct 31 – Transition Complete

How can I apply for a job with ASO?

We make every effort to capture and retain incumbent employees to preserve your important qualifications in our workforce, and also to maintain trusted relationships that have developed over time between the incumbent workforce, NIH personnel, and associate contractors. Our goal is to fill 100% of our proposed organization with the most highly qualified employees we can find. That effort starts with YOU, the incumbent workforce. By hiring incumbents, we ensure team cohesion as the overall NIH Janitorial Services transitions to ASO. However, in order to meet the customer’s high standards some additional personnel must also be recruited from outside the incumbent ranks. Keys to our success in attracting the best and brightest employees and in getting the right people in the right positions on the NIH contract include:

  • An emphasis on open and early communications with prospective employees,
  • The use of extensive transition checklists to capture incumbent employee data,
  • The availability of home office recruiters with the right understanding of technical and security qualifications, and
  • Systems that capture and preserve such personnel data.

ASO Jobs

Click here to Apply

ASO will be seeking to hire qualified personnel for the following categories and classifications:

  • Custodial Worker I
  • Custodial Worker II
  • Floor Technician I
  • Floor Technician II
  • Custodial Supervisor
  • General Clerk