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Fort Knox

ASO and its partners provided installation transportation services, base supply service, and materiel maintenance services. The project included planning, programming, execution, management, and administration. Specific aspects of service included:

  • Management and operation fleet of over 600 vehicles
  • Performance of all phases of passenger and port call movements, including processing more than 23,000 passengers moved by charter bus and nearly 900 port calls
  • Management of Installation Property Book Office valued at approximately $1.4 billion and containing approximately 150,000 items
  • Management of the Central Issue Facility and complete responsibility for 485 line items
  • Bulk fuel management including consolidation, forecasting, requisitioning, issuance, and audit trail maintenance
  • Operations of Arrival/ Departure Airfield Control Group (A/DACG)

MacDill Air Force Base

At the home of U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command, ASO is part of the team that provides all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, vehicles and fuels, supervision, and services necessary to perform base civil engineering tasks that support 19,000 military, coalition, civilian, and contract personnel on the 5,767 acre installation. The team:

  • Maintains and repairs 624 facilities structures totaling 5.0 million square feet
  • Provides preventative maintenance and repair for more than 58 generators, 300 utility meters, 101 fire suppression systems, plumbing, HVAC, alarms, energy management control system, and 50.8 miles of unpaved roads
  • Completes an average of 6,650 RWP, DSW, and Work Request items annually
  • Executes over 80 maintenance and repair work orders annually
  • Maintains and repair 11,400’ runway and corresponding utility systems
  • Maintains and repair vehicle security barriers

Virginia Department of Transportation

ASO provided more than sixty Safety Service Patrol (SSP) operators in the Northern and Eastern regions of Virginia. These operators provided safe, quick clearance of roadway incidents, including disabled vehicles, to minimize the impact on traffic. Patrols operated 24 hours a day, every day. Specific aspects of the SSP program included:

  • Continuously patrolled designated areas for disabled vehicles or stranded motorists, debris, obstructions, and traffic incidents
  • Cleared obstructions and debris from the roadway
  • Provided advance and on-scene traffic safety and control for emergency responders
  • Secured incident scenes by setting highway flares, cones, flagging, and/or flashing amber/white lights, arrow boards, and assisting in traffic control.
  • Assessed incidents and relayed assessments to TOC and participate in Incident Command
  • Provided assistance to motorists including changing tires, providing jump-starts, emergency fuel, and general guidance and safety instructions

Sharpe Army Depot, CA

Installation Support Services – ASO provides facilities maintenance services, project management, quality control and safety, and work control. Our skilled craftsmen maintain a wide array of buildings and systems as well as grounds. The work force includes HVAC Mechanics, Boiler Tenders, General Maintenance Workers, Interior and High Voltage Electricians, and Grounds Laborers. ASO provides maintenance and repair to fire alarm and fire suppression systems as well as Pest Control Services.

Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold AFB, TN

Facilities Support Services – AEDC is the most advanced and largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world. ASO provides armed security, firefighting, warehousing, shipping and receiving, grounds maintenance, basewide safety and environmental services, HAZMAT,  industrial security, vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair, snow and ice removal, marine patrol, emergency operations / C2 management, occupational & environmental health services, base supply, freight, solid waste management and custodial services.

Philips Army Airfield, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Airfield Aviation and Operations Support – ASO provides complete airfield operations support covering organizational and general support services for aircraft and related support equipment, aircraft refueling and defueling, flight operations support, aviation life support equipment maintenance, and transient alert services. ASO also provides flying crew chief services for helicopters, and air traffic control, flight dispatch and advisory services.  Our air traffic controllers possess current FAA air traffic control specialist certificates, and our flight operations specialists and dispatch personnel all possess weather bureau ratings from the National Weather Service.

Fort Benning, GA

Facility Operations, Logistics, and Technical Support Services – ASO’s work at Fort Benning includes facility operations, logistics support services, and devices services. In total, ASO is responsible for over 11,000 items worth more than $60 million. Our services enhance operational readiness with: Device fabrication: Design, construct, install, and maintain full-size or scale model visual displays, training devices, and exhibits from a variety of materials. Final products include terrain boards, maps boards, commander’s boards, mines, and mock improvised explosive devices (IED) for training soldiers. Simulators: Provide maintenance and end-user instruction in rifle firing simulators, issue and maintain artillery and gunfire simulators and combat simulation training aids. Ensure proper fielding and logging into property accountability system.  Fabricate the Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS) rifle training system for Army-wide fielding.