Specialized personnel experienced in operations support

ASO offers government agencies an inclusive resource for operations and maintenance support. Our experienced personnel work seamlessly with existing staff to incorporate proven methods and increase efficiency.

  • Project Management: ASO provides planning, programming, administration, management, and execution necessary to provide the needed services.
  • Transportation Services: ASO provides installation Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) operation, vehicle fleet management, passenger services, personal property and freight services, unit moves, and Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group (A/DACG).
  • Base Supply Services: ASO provides qualified personnel, services, materials, supplies, supervision, and equipment necessary to perform installation base supply services including Supply Support Activity (SSA), Installation Property Book Office (IPBO), warehouse and distribution services, hospitality and food services, ammunition supply point (ASP), crematories, emergency services, fuel services, and hazardous materials management.
  • Health Administration, Support Services, and Service Delivery: ASO delivers health account development, administration, consultation, support services, and certified staff recruitment.
  • Civil Engineering/ Department of Public Works Services: ASO provides maintenance and repair of structures, installation infrastructure, runways, and emergency management and security systems. The ASO team includes experts in the installation, operation, and repair of boiler and chiller plants, HVAC, electrical distribution and power generation, refrigeration, and ancillary systems as well as providing instrumentation and control for monitoring systems.
  • Materiel Maintenance: ASO expert personnel provide field-level support maintenance, operator maintenance, and sustainment maintenance according to established regulations and short- or long-term plans.
  • Laboratory Operations and Maintenance: ASO leverages the Laboratory Operations and Maintenance capabilities of its sister company Wolverine to provide comprehensive support services in today’s most contemporary and innovative research facilities. Duties include labor and supervision of maintenance for all laboratory equipment, safe handling, storage, movement and disposal of chemicals, solvents, gases and fuels. We also perform general maintenance and housekeeping of marshaling facilities, chemical, hazardous waste and radioactive storage facilities, and fluorescent tube storage and recycling areas. We ensure that hazardous waste is properly sealed, secured, identified and labeled. Research equipment maintained and repaired include centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers, chillers, shakers, incubators, bio/safety cabinets and hoods, laminar fuel hoods, growth chambers, environmental chambers, dehumidifiers, freeze dryers, autoclaves/sterilizers, ovens, dishwashers, cooling/heating baths, x-ray equipment and small apparatuses containing heating and cooling equipment.